xcomponent, PayPal’s open-source cross-domain-component library, is now zoid!

Quick update on the PayPal open-source cross-domain suite;

For various reasons, we’ve renamed the xcomponent module to zoid. Long live zoid!

Nothing else has changed, and you’ll still be able to use zoid to create React-esque components using iframes and popup windows. If you weren’t familiar with xcomponent (now zoid), this article is a good quick intro:

To upgrade:

  1. Change "xcomponent" in your package.json to "zoid" and make sure you’re on at least version ^6
  2. Change any xcomponent.create() calls to zoid.create()

And you’re done! Enjoy!

works for PayPal, as a lead engineer in Checkout. Opinions expressed herein belong to him and not his employer. daniel@bluesuncorp.co.uk

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