The next chapter of BrainBlocks: Open Source

Daniel Brain
2 min readFeb 1, 2021

Hi all!

BrainBlocks was incredibly fun to run, while it lasted. Ty, Angus, Andrei and I had a blast building it, working with the Nano community, seeing real merchants using Nano payments to power their businesses, and real users store their coins in the BrainBlocks Wallet.

Things didn’t work out on the business side for BrainBlocks. I still fully believe the future of crypto is in real-world payments, and I think Nano is the right technology to make that happen. At BrainBlocks we were very early, to a market that hasn’t fully emerged yet. We’re still massively bullish though!

On the bright side, all of the code we built still works well, and we’d love for it to continue to benefit for the Nano community, for free, just like BrainBlocks has always been! So we’ve decided to begin open sourcing our codebases, starting with the payments api, processor, checkout flow, and wallet.

If you’re a merchant that wants to accept payments, or if you’d like to host the BrainBlocks payments platform for other merchants to use, we’ve licensed our repositories to let you do that for free! For any other things you want to use the platform for, just reach out to us, and we’ll help figure something out.

The repos we’ve opened up right now are:

There are setup instructions right in those repos, but if you have any trouble getting up and running, please feel free to raise a GitHub issue and we’ll try to help when we can! We’d also welcome any PRs to improve the documentation.

Hope you enjoy, and here’s to the future of Nano!

— Daniel, Ty, Angus, Andrei, the BrainBlocks (Open Source) Team!