Liked the article!

(Full disclosure, I work for PayPal and my team owns the new responsive buttons).

We’re actually planning on giving an option to remove that tagline; interestingly, we found that having it drives more clicks, which is a value-add for merchants who use PayPal as their sole-solution — but we don’t want to be too heavy handed with the button for everyone else.

We also have plans to make the button a bit more flat, which should help it sit more easily alongside other payment buttons.

Lastly, we definitely need to deprecate those first two pages with static buttons.

Another interesting thing about the new PayPal buttons is they’re living inside an iframe, which makes for some interesting possibilities. I wrote about some of those possibilities here:

Definitely interested to hear any more feedback you might have — thanks again for the interesting read!

works for PayPal, as a lead engineer in Checkout. Opinions expressed herein belong to him and not his employer.

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