How many keywords can you place in a row in javascript?

Inspired by this fun post about C#

I wanted to try the same in javascript. Here’s what I came up with: 15 unique keywords in a row, with no punctuation separating them:

Can you do better? The above code will be successfully parsed by any modern JavaScript engine.

How does it work?

  1. First we create an async generator function. That opens up the possible keywords we can use to include return, await, and yield:

2. Next we’ll return an anonymous class, which is possible in ES6:

3. Now we’ll extend that class from an anonymous function. This works because in javascript functions can be used as class constructors. And you can also inherit from them!

4. Now let’s get the typeof the whole thing, since that will work on any javascript object or value:

5. Next, let’s get see if this is an instanceof whatever we have so far. this will always be set to some value in javascript in non-strict mode, whether or not we’re in a class.

6. Next we’ll check if null is in the monstrosity we’ve created so far. in conveniently works with any javascript object:

7. We’ll await the whole mess. We can await any value whether or not it is a promise:

8. delete void what we have so far (I actually have no idea why delete void works — anyone care to explain this one?)

9. yield the whole thing, since we can do that with any javascript value!

10. Let’s make that inner function async for good measure! Even async functions can be inherited from (or at least the javascript parser doesn’t mind).

11. And finally, let’s new up that inner class:

Now just remove the parenthesis and you’re set!

Now for the real fun: what happens when we throw the above code through Babel? Take a look:

Woooaah boy:

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