Messaging is finicky.

There are many scenarios where it’s necessary to asynchronously send messages between two different layers. For example:

Basic Fire-and-Forget Serialized Messages


When you create an asset that appreciates in price exponentially for a whole decade, you’re going to have plenty of charlatans, no small amount of bullshit, and swathes of market hysteria, all of which you need to cut through.

Bitcoin is no exception. It can be frustrating as a Bitcoin…

The following is a copy-paste of a message I just sent to a friend. He wanted to know the basics of the Bitcoin technology and market. Figured I’d share it here too, since it ended up being a (potentially useful) wall of text!

So, the technology aspect of Bitcoin is…

Probably don’t use the rainbow chart to tell you if it’s safe to sleep.

If you’re anything like me, you spent the last few crypto bull markets trading like crazy, and the years in between forgetting all of the lessons you learned.

The biggest part of crypto trading I always forget, is the psychology of it. That’s what I want to write about today…

Daniel Brain

works for PayPal, as a lead engineer in Checkout. Opinions expressed herein belong to him and not his employer.

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